Important announcement

Thank you so much for using nicori.
We regret to inform you that our service will end at 15:00 (JST) on Dec.28, 2017.
For more information about the schedule of end date and the posted data download, please visit detail page from the following link.


iPhone image
You can also view photos from your PC / Feature Phone. mac feature_phone andoroid The photos shared on nicori can be viewed from Smart Phones, PCs and Feature Phones. nicori
You can get comments from family photos you've uploaded. Of course, you can also reply to it. You can also comment on the photo uploaded by families. mother nicori's image
For each photo, you can select particular members to share the photo with. This means you can show the photo to the limited members of your family. You can share a photo with a particular person. grandma nicori's image
You can check the list of viewers. When someone views a photo posted by you, he/she will be listed as a viewer. It is a function that will let you know who has seen the photo, which will definitely satisfy you. father nicori's image
grandfa You can have your photos automatically organized. All of the photos taken with “nicori” will be organized automatically into a calendar. You can check the age of your child in each photo, so you can also use it as a record of your child growth. nicori's image
You can share your child’s photos only among family members. The photos will be shared among members who are registered as your family. Only up to 10 people can be registered as a member. You can share your photos with your family, just like you do with your conventional albums at home. sister nicori's image
father grandfa grandma mother sister heart nicori
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"nicori" is an app for sharing your private photos, aiming to strengthen bonds among your family through the growth of your child. Take a photo of your adorable child, and bring smiles to the faces of your family members.

Especially recommendable for:

Moms who are busy taking care of her child.

"I take lots of photos of my child, but I don’t have enough time to organize them."
"I just can’t find the time to send my parents the photos of my child right after I take them.”

Grandpa / Grandma.

"I actually want to see my grandchild every day, not only on long weekends and during holiday seasons." "I don’t have a smartphone, so I want photos to be sent to my PC."

Dads who are busy at work.

"I want to watch over the growth of my child, even though I’m home late on business days."
"I really want to get more involved in raising my child, and support my wife."